protein supplement powder

Can Protein supplement be avoided ?

We already know that protein is a major building block for muscles in our body. But the real question is do we need protein supplements  or can we replace it with natural proteins like cottage cheese, milk , soy, etc.

protein supplement powderTaking a protein supplements would be a great idea if you want to pump up your body at the gym. The natural protein resources like egg, chicken, paneer, milk etc., require high degree of absorptions which may take longer period of time, ranging from 45mins to 2 hours. That is the reason where Protein Supplements can be highly recommended as protein supplements get absorbed easily in the blood. After eating raw food, protein get broken in BCCA (branched chain amino acids) and digestion takes place. By using supplements we consume a direct form of BCCA. Hence protein supplements give quick result to body, compared to natural source of protein. According to experts, it is a best way to repair your worn out tissues after workout.

Hence, we get to know that protein supplements can be easily absorbed by our body. And during workout we should definitely have these for muscle building.



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